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The Story of Jake

A Fundraising Showcase In Support of
Voices Against Violence

On October 1st, 2017 Diosa Studios produced a fundraising showcase in support of Voices Against Violence of Framingham, MA. We used existing YouTube video links and live dance performance to tell the story of how a society that oppresses women degrades men. Acts included bellydance, burlesque, contemporary dance, chair dance, pole dance to the music of artists Prince, Michael Jackson, Ray Charles, Santana, Weeknd, and more. We raised thousands of dollars to help families struggling to escape domestic violence find housing, buy groceries, get legal and psychological counsel. Your on-demand purchase of any of the performances below will go directly to Voices Against Violence. All artists volunteered their time and effort. Diosa's owner volunteered the space and food and beverage. And the live audience donated. Won't you support the cause by watching the show below?
Is gender a social construct?  What are little boys made of? 
About a Boy - Contemporary Dance and Pole Dance
Does violence against women always involve battery?  Are women the only victims?
How are our ideas about ourselves formed?
"Life On Mars" - Neo-Burlesque and Chair Dance
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When Doves Cry - Bellydance


How does the media define men?
Down With The Sickness - Pole Dance and Floorwork
What happens to disenfranchised boys who adopt the "tough guise"?
Put Your Lights On - Chair Dance and Pole Dance