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Diosa has a lovely program which lends itself beautifully for private parties, meetings, and events. Put this resource to work for your next company offsite meeting, private or corporate celebration, child’s birthday party, or other event!  Pick from one of the pre-packaged selections described below, or simply let Diosa facilitate the event according to your needs to make your event special.

Interested in a package, but want to have it at your own home?  No problem.  Interested in a party package for a smaller group?  No problem.  Diosa offers private, semi-private, and group classes at home, office, or studio.  We’ll bring the party to you!

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“From the smoke-silvered olives and almonds where the red-footed partridge wandered…silent glades where only the goat-face of a Pan might emerge…its simple and lucent perfection of form and color…a sky full of falling-stars, emerald wash of tides on lonely beaches, crying of gulls on the white roads of the south, this Grecian world was invaded by the mirrors, the heart-rending sweetness of the voices of blinded canaries, the bubble of narguilehs in their rose-water bowls, the smell of patchouli and joss.” So wrote Lawrence Durrell of Egypt, bringing the exotic world of this Mediterranean oasis to the imaginations of readers.  But you don’t have to read his tetralogy, or even pass through customs to visit the exotic lands of Cleopatra and Marc Anthony.  Diosa has recreated it for you in our lovely Arabia Nights party package.


The Arabian Nights party package includes;



  • Mint Tea and Baklava
  • (Healthy Mediterranean Fare for an additional cost)
  • a 1-hour Belly Dance lesson
  • hip scarves to wear for the lesson
  • (head scarves for men in a coed party)
  • a bellydance performance
  • incense




In society, women are divided into “good” and “bad” girls, with great emphasis and pressure given for women to be “good”.  Yet, like all aspects of nature, women are complex beings with light and dark qualities that work together to create a balanced, capable woman.  A true goddess embraces all aspects of her character without judgment and The Goddess Party was designed to provide a safe space in which to embrace the dark side of femininity. 


The Goddess party package includes;


  • a discussion on the importance of the dark feminine
  • a lesson on engaging the senses
  • wine, chocolate, scented lotion, incense, music
  • a lesson in sensual movement
  • a chair or pole dance performance
  • costume for the guest of honor to wear



Parties are fun, hula hoops are fun, what better way to double your fun than by combining the two?  A hula hoop party is perfect for children’s and tweens parties, birthdays, or adults embracing their inner child.  It’s great exercise that just feels like fun, and what better way to highlight the fun than with colorful food, beverage and dessert? 


Hooping Party Package includes


  • One hour hooping lesson for 10-20 people
  • Music Playlist to hoop to (live band can be provided for additional cost)
  • Hooping music CD party favors
  • Punch, vegetable and dip, and cupcakes



“Looking out on the morning rain, I used to feel uninspired, and when I knew II had to face another day, Lord, it made me feel so tired…”  Or so sang Aretha Franklin until she reconnected with her natural woman.  Unlike Aretha, you don’t have to wait for a man to come along and kiss you to regenerate your spirit.  Come to Diosa and experience The Natural Woman party and stop thinking about everyone else for a few hours and indulge yourself! 


The package includes;


  • wine, chocolate, and appetizers
  • personal 10-minute facials for guests using all natural, chemical-free products
  • chair or pole dance lesson
  • chair or pole dance performance




We need to move.  We need to Breathe.  We need to Smile & Giggle, Laugh & Cry, Scream, dance & make noise!  It’s not about burning calories and it is not about reaching a goal, it’s about feeling, it’s about taking the time to nurture our souls.  Spirit Groove is a wildly fun, uplifting, emotionally cleansing, restorative, heart-opening, transformational dance that is sure to leave you relaxed and smiling. 


Spirit Grooves Party package includes;


  • An hour long Yoga dance class for group of 10-20 people
  • Specially chosen music to drive the beat (live drummers can be provided for an additional cost)
  • streamers, lights, bells, scarves, noise makers, and other props
  • All natural, vegetarian appetizers and homemade juices or teas
  • Spiritual reading
  • personalized affirmation to take home