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About Diosa


One of the most loving and healing energies in the Universe comes from the Divine Feminine Energy or Diosa energy.

For centuries, the Goddess Energy has been practically lost in the Western World.  The imbalance caused by the predominance of one energy over another has fostered chronic conditions like depression, infertility, and more – conditions that plague our health and our planet.

"The world is experiencing a spiritual awakening that is a direct response to this imbalance and Diosa Studios was born to create a haven for the awakening of feminine creative power and its agents of change. Our goal is to foster liberation and interdependence with the universe one individual at a time."

Through community outreach, communications, coaching and classes, Diosa works on the body, spirit and mind to awaken the potential for healing, compassion and creativity that lies ready in each one of us.

Like the lotus from the mire so the spirit blossoms with DIOSA!