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All The Right Connections

You try not to look at the clock, but can’t help yourself. It confirms your worst fear - only three more hours to get some sleep.  Though you’re tired, and took the pill your doctor prescribed, you know that sleep will once again elude you. How will you get through work? How will you have energy for the kids? Where will you find the patience for your spouse?  The sharp pain in your neck suddenly returns—stress you’re told. “But I do yoga!”

Yoga is a good beginning to understanding the mind-body connection.  It is certainly how Martha Angelini, an energy healer for more than fifteen years, got started.  But in many studios and gyms, yoga has lost the spiritual roots that focused on our connection to ourselves.  Whatever tension you relieve in your practice will always return if you don’t understanding the mind-body connection.

According to Martha, an expert in this field, we can look at the nature of our physical issues to determine specific thoughts or beliefs that cause our problems.  With this understanding, and the tools for managing it, we can begin to change our lives; first by acknowledging and understanding that there is such a thing as a mind-body connection, then actively working it. 

Martha discovered this herself when she had to overcome chronic hip pain.  She wondered, “Did this really have something to do with not feeling supported?” As she brought more care and attention to her hip, she noticed she was angry.  With that connection, she became more aware of the situations and thoughts she had when the pain flared up.  By addressing the issues related to the feelings associated with her hip pain, she was able to make it go away.  She also began to move forward in a way she hadn’t done before.

Since then Martha has been sharing her techniques with amazing results.  In a recent session with Martha, I was able to feel Martha’s direct effect on the pain in my leg.  As she moved away from my leg, my mind wandered to a problem I was having and I suddenly felt the same area tighten up.  “That’s the mind-body connection”, Martha explained. 

On September 28th, Martha will run a workshop at Diosa to help people learn how to identify, interpret, and address the messages the body provides.  To see if this workshop would be helpful to you, take this short quiz.

Score each of the following statements according to how true or applicable to you it is on the following scale:

Not True -1,   Seldom True - 2,   Somewhat True - 3,   Generally True - 4,   Very True - 5

____ 1.  I have tried many ways to treat my chronic pain, but the effects don’t last very long, or do not answer all my questions.

____ 2.  I am going through a lot of change in my life and it is putting strain on my relationships with my family.

____ 3.  I know about the mind-body connection and use complementary/alternative methods for wellness, but would like to learn more.

____ 4.  I’m generally happy with my life, but occasionally feel that something is missing or that I could feel more fulfilled.

____ 5.  I tend to listen to others to make my health and wellness choices, then get frustrated when it doesn’t work out.

____ 6.  I feel stuck in my work and life and am not sure what direction I need to go in.

____ 7.  I continually feel ‘let down’ by my body. There always seems to be something that is wrong with it and needs to be fixed.

____ 8.  I sometimes feel overwhelmed by events and people in my life and would like to feel calmer and and more in control of myself.

____ 9.  I would like to use complementary therapies to help treat my physical conditions, but I don’t know how to blend that with allopathic or conventional medicine.

____ 10. I sometimes feel disconnected from my life, and feel like I’m watching it go by, like my life is living me rather than me living my life.

Scoring Key - Add up the scores from the above statements and match the result to the following guidelines:

10 -                 May not be helpful

10 - 20           May be a little helpful

20 - 30           May be somewhat helpful

30 - 40           May be very helpful

40 - 50           May be a little helpful