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Diosa's Annual Showcase Fundraiser!

In Support of Voices Against Violence

On Saturday October 1st,
from 7-9pm,
at 9 Pleasant Street in Framingham, MA
Diosa Dance Fitness presents,
The story of Jake,

featuring the music of the late Prince, David Bowie, Ray Charles and Michael Jackson as well as contemporary artists; Badly Drawn Boy, Santana & Everlast, Disturbed, Fallulah, & The Weeknd to explore how society's conditioning of boys hurts us all.  Performances in Acroyoga, Bellydance, Chair Dance, Contemporary Dance, and Pole Dance.  The show raises money to support Voices Against Violence, an organization that provides counseling, advocacy, support services, shelter, and protection for victims of domestic violence.

3 Pole Dance Class Special $45 
Sign up TODAY!

Class Schedule

5pm Yoga with Samela
6pm Barre with Jenna
6pm Pole Dance with Dianna
7pm Divalicious with Maureen
7pm Pole L3 with Paulina

6pm BABE-licious with Paulina
6pm Bodylicious with Paulina
6pm Open Pole / Conditioning
7pm Pilates with Paulina
7pm Open Pole 
8pm Pole Dance with Paulina
8pm Open Studio

5pm Bellylicious with Paulina
6pm Barre with Paulina

6pm Pole with Dianna
7pm Pole L2 with Paulina
8pm Open Studio

5:30pm Yoga with Paulina
6:30pm BABE-licious with Paulina
6:30 Bodylicious with Paulina
6:30 Open Pole

7:30 Pole Dance with Paulina


Evening workouts by appointment only

10:15 Yoga with Samela
12n Pole Dance with Dianna

10am Disco Barre with Paulina
11am Bellylicious with Paulina
12n Divalicious with Corinne


Watch Woman2Woman with Jen Maseda to learn a little more about what goes on at Diosa! 

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