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Pole Dance is Recognized as a Sport!

The Controversy on whether it's Sexist Re-emerges


After eleven years of working to meet the criteria of the International Sports Federation, Katie Coates has reached a major milestone towards getting Pole Dance into the Olympics.  As always seems to happen when women break through major hurdles, the critics and cynics resurface to dampen the news.  Though I celebrate the sensual side of pole dancing by supporting United Pole Artists' annual BSB campaign, I also recognize the challenging athleticism of pole dance -- especially as displayed in the growing number of pole sport competitions.  

With women speaking out about sexual assault using the #metoo hashtag, it's important to take a look at the accusations by feminists that pole dance objectifies women and subjects them to further assault and violence.  In my seven years as a pole dance performer, competitor, and instructor/coach, and twenty-plus years in the corporate and public healthcare sector, I have found that women are constantly subjected to objectification and violence regardless of what they do.  Furthermore, I've learned that pole dancing, especially in the realm of sports competition, has given women a place in which to develop leadership skills.  

Watch last year's Pole Sport Organization competition videos where Diosa students competed for the first time, and check out videos of some International Pole Sport Federation's world champions and let me know if you think pole dance has earned its recognition as a sport.  Then, read my blog with links to the ideas of renown authors on leadership and tell me if you don't agree that pole dancers make great leaders.  

 Carly Child representing Onyx Pole & Aerial Fitness Studio 2016 women's U.S. National Pole Champion 

IPSAF-World Pole Art Championship 2017

Anna Chigarina (Rus) 1st Place, Winner of the 1st World Pole Art Championship- Turin 5th of March 2017

IPSF World Champion, Rafaela Montanaro

Over 300 athletes competes in 28 competition around the world. Only 10 qualified from the prelims to the finals. This competition is the foundation to the future of pole sports in the Olympic games.

2016 NE Pole Sport Organization Competition Coverage

Read about the Connecticut Pole Sport Organization competition and watch the video broadcast about the event featuring Diosa.  

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Pole Dance
Recognized as Sport!